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  • Our class is P7M 
  • Our teacher’s name is Mr McConnachie 
  • Our classroom is Purple 4 

This is our classroom… 

We have created a class charter. We have all promised to:

  • Ensure everyone is treated fairly and included. Play to people’s strengths.
  • Be honest and admitted to something at the time.
  • Try and have a positive outlook on the task in hand and contribute your ideas.
  • Respect everyone’s opinions by listening and looking at them when they are talking. 

Some things we do in class…. 

  • In Numeracy, we are working on time and shapes. 
  • In Writing, we have been starting to learn to write poems. 
  • We also saw the Critter Keeper. It was very fun seeing all the different animals. 
  • We have lots of responsibilities in P7 such as head pupils, house captains and the RRSA group. The RRSA group organised purple pinkie day and raised a lot of money.  

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