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Kinellar School is situated in the village of Blackburn within the Parish of Kinellar. Our school is non-denominational, with a current pupil roll of around 400 including the ELCC setting.  This session (23-24) we have 14 classes. We currently have around 50 children enrolled in the Nursery attending a variety of sessions between 8am and 6pm. Our Nursery is open 50 weeks per year to allow us to offer our families their 1140
entitlement. Most children attending the school live in the village of Blackburn, however we do have a significant number of children who are ‘Out of Zone.’ Also, within the catchment area is a site for travelling people with whom we actively seek to maintain positive links. The site is managed by Aberdeen City Council.


Kinellar School is part of the Kemnay School Cluster, and most children make their transition from Kinellar to Kemnay Academy to continue their Learning Journey. In 2019, it was decided to offer the learners at Kinellar the opportunity to attend either Kemnay Academy or Inverurie Academy.  This agreement has continued to be in place.


In 2015, it became apparent that the Kinellar School building was becoming unsuitable for the School Community. Land was in short supply and a plan to address the growing need was conceived. A significant fire in early 2016 meant Kinellar School faced additional accommodation challenges.


Meanwhile, the nearby village of Kintore was seeing the completion of a new School Campus, where it’s role was expected to grow gradually. This local development provided the opportunity for suitable accommodation to be available locally, to enable Kinellar School to move temporarily, whilst the old school was demolished and a new school was built in Blackburn, on the existing school site.


The new Kinellar School campus was completed in July 2018 and a transition was made back to the School Community in August of 2018. The nursery also moved to the new Kinellar School in August 2018, reuniting the ELCC with the School.


A video of the school build is here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgOeEnsiAuo


Our ethos is based firmly on our Vision and Values, GIRFEC and meeting the needs of the school community and families. Kinellar School embraces change, challenge and inclusion and endeavours to listen to and involve partners. We value the role all agencies play in supporting individuals and families and engage fully with them, to ensure positive destinations and outcomes for all learners in the school.