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Welcome to P7C, on this page you will find some information on our class and some of our fantastic work, feel free to have a look at all the photos and have a read of our work! 

Our teacher is Miss Crawford.  

We have 23 pupils in our class. 

Break time: 10:20-10:40 

Lunch time: 11:50-12:45 

We are upstairs in the purple area, classroom 1 

We also have 2 of the head pupils in our class! 

Our class has been working hard on making talks in groups of 2-3 about countries around the world. We have started to present them to the teacher and the best one will be given a prize! 

We have also started to learn the different techniques of poetry, and each week we will be using a new technique for our poetry writing. 

For PE we have been learning how to play football, we have been splitting the class into two teams and soon we are going to be playing against P7M. 

Drama – Rehearsing the script

Class charter 

Our class charter is a mobile phone that has different icons relating to specific topics we need to work on, these are: 

  • Listen respectfully to whoever is talking 
  • Make sure everyone around me is happy 
  • Be responsible in school and in the playground 
  • Not be violent 
  • Be kind happy and respectful 
  • Be mature